Latest kestrel activity news updates

25 February: The last day the male kestrel was seen in the nest.
It stayed for four short periods and called out to the female, but the female did not appear.

28 February: The kestrels have still not reappeared

1 March: the pair returned

5 March: the last appearance of the female

6/7 March: the male appeared for a few minutes each day and called out

8/9 March: no kestrels

10 March: the male returns in the afternoon for several hours

11/12/13 March: the male waits several times for long periods hoping the female returns

14 March: a female finally appeared in the afternoon

17 Apr 18:26 first egg laid

20 Apr 06:41 second egg laid (53 hours after first egg)

22 Apr 12:40 third egg laid (60 hours after second egg)

24 Apr 15:23 fourth egg laid (50 hours after third egg)

26 Apr 17:01 fifth egg (49 hours after fourth egg)

28 Apr 05:53 sixth egg (60 hours after fifth egg)

20 May the computer creating the three YouTube feeds failed.
There is now only one temporary feed using the Synology NAS

27 May 06:41 the first egg cracks open

27 May 08:04 the second chick starts to hatch

28 May 02:48 the female moved the broken egg shell of third chick

28 May 07:19 the fourth chick emerges

28 May 17:11 broken egg shell seen

28 May 17:22 the fifth chick observed and

29 May 18:28 the sixth chick emerges (timelapse video)

3 June the YouTube feeds were restored

27 June 08:40 the first juvenile kestrel flies from the nest. A second leaves later in the day

28 June two more leave the nest having spent time on the camera perch

29 June the fifth juvenile leaves

30 June 18:38 the last juvenile kestrel finally leaves the nest having spent all day alone

1 July 06:00 a juvenile returns looking for food

5 July a young male kestrel visits the nest

7 July-9 July the young male returns each morning